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Weirton Country Club

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Weirton Country Club

Did you work at Weirton Country Club in Weirton, West Virginia? Are you suffering from mesothelioma, lung cancer or other asbestos disease?

We’ve helped others in the same boat. We’ve worked with clients all over West Virginia.

A single asbestos case may require more than 5,000 documents

Your work history at Weirton Country Club is the first step in organizing your asbestos case. It takes knowledge, experience and lots and lots of documentation to litigate a successful mesothelioma lawsuit. As trailblazers in the asbestos law, we’ve learned to efficiently and effectively assemble:

  • your complete work history,
  • where asbestos products were used at each job site,
  • what additional work areas asbestos contaminated,
  • brand names of asbestos products purchased and used by each of company,
  • the manufacturers who produced various asbestos products,
  • knowledge from coworkers or building tradesmen who may have installed asbestos products at your worksite.

We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years

The Weirton Country Club is one of tens of thousands of companies in our databases. We have equally as many asbestos products, thousands of depositions and millions of documents.

It may seem excessive, but all this information is essential for each and every asbestos case. Without this documentation—and the experience to effectively use it—you’re at a severe disadvantage fighting against companies that exposed you to asbestos. It’s why finding an experienced asbestos attorney is so important.

Our consultation are free. There’s no obligation to sign with us or pay any sort of fee to speak with an attorney about your potential asbestos case. Don’t let time or lack of experience limit your rights to the compensation you deserve.

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